Foodlog 1.0

10 July 2018

I got the idea for this app after realizing I had lost around twenty pounds since graduating from college. The only time I've been close to normal weight was during college, when I dabbled in food logging with MyFitnessPal. There were several reasons I stopped using it:

I looked around for apps that focused on doing one thing well (logging food) and conformed to the iOS aesthetic; obviously I didn't find one. I developed Foodlog according to these core values:

I've been using it for a while and haven't run into any more bugs, so here's version 1.0.

Thoughts on Development

This was my longest project yet, taking six months on and off to get from idea to version 1.0. I have experience making Mac apps, so iOS development came pretty easily.

Some thoughts on frameworks:

I think the code is pretty well-architect-ed, so take that as a challenge, reader.

The only thing I'm not too happy about is the logo (it's supposed to be a cross section of a bell pepper). If anyone with an above-mediocre talent for graphic design wants to take a stab at it, I would appreciate it.

For the curious: App Store Review took three days to get to my app.

In Conclusion

I don't know how many people are looking for an app like this, but I've found that if you make it, they will come (or at least a few will). I'm interested to see how the iOS market compares with macOS.