Remote Control for LIFX: Now Open Source

12 Nov. 2018

I'm turning over the source code to the community under the MIT License. I don't have access to any LIFX lights and likely won't for any time soon, so I can't test any changes. If anyone wants to share their bug-fixes with other users, please consider contributing. In case this is the end of Remote Control, users have options in the form of comparable apps on the App Store, or the Home app that comes with macOS Mojave.

This was the first macOS app that I made, and I appreciate all the feedback I've received over the last two years. I cut my teeth with app development and Swift with this project, and looking back at the commit history provides some interesting perspective on how I've progressed.

Here's a video of the first working prototype that I provided for App Review:

The original name was meant to be LIFX Remote, but I learned that apps need to be named "for Something" to avoid confusing customers.